Are you fond of hors back riding? This is an activity that will surely give you the most fulfilling experience. In fact, there are several individuals who are engaged into this leisure activity. Despite of the risk that may bring by horseback riding, there are still people who still developed love with this activity. If you are one of those people who are avid fans of horseback riding, it is a must to be more familiar with this activity. Do you know where this term comes from? Horseback riding is officially known as Equestrianism, which is derived from Latin word equester and equestr and these two separated Latin words mean horseman and horse. In some places, this is commonly called as simply horse riding. Equestrianism pertains to the different horse-related skills such as riding, vaulting, driving and steeplechasing. This term involves broader description about the uses of horses for transportation, artistic or cultural exercises, working purposes, recreational activities and even for fun and competitive sport.

An overview

Equestrianism refers the use of horses for several activities. In some large ranches, horses are trained and ridden to serve as the most helpful means of transportation of doing police work or controlling herd of animals. Other than this, horses are also used for fun and competitive type of sports. These include reining, tent pegging, dressage, show jumping, horse racing, rodeo, vaulting, polo, driving, eventing, reining and endurance riding. In some cultural places, they are using horses as part of traditional ceremonies such as parades and funerals. There are places that employ the use of horses for mounted patrols, mounted search and rescue operation.

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There are also individuals who are claiming the therapeutic benefits of horses. They believe that the traditional horseback riding may improve emotional development and healthy lifestyle.

Historical background

There is no exact date presented that can tell when do horses first trained and ridden. However, according to some experts the estimated date was in 4500 BC. It was a long time ago that is still practised by the people up to the present time. If you go back to the historical battles, you will notice that those brave knights used horses to achieve victory. One of the primary battle gears used by the ancient knights is using horse. Through the use of horses, they were able to go as quick as they can into their opponent’s location. During early times, horseback riding is a skill that is strictly implemented by some kingdom rulers for their soldiers. And as time went by and the world turns into modern age, this kind of battle gear turned to be obsolete. The use of horse is now limited for several purposes.

Nowadays, Equestrianism such as horse racing is one of the exciting and fun adventures that people will enjoy. This is in the form of gambling that has been part of horse history. There are several types of horse racing being employed across the world. Here are some of the notable types of horseback racing:

  • Endurance riding

It is a sport that involves Arabian horses and has become well-known in some places in American and Europe.

  • American Quarter Horse

This racing activity involves races over distances with approximately quarter mile. It is commonly practised in America.

  • Steeplechasing

This refers to racing on a track where the contingent horses are required to jump over the designated obstacles. It is popularly held in a particular place in Europe.

  • Ride and Tie

This type of horseback racing comprises 3 equal partners (2 riders and 1 horse). The person will alternately run and ride. This is one of the exciting horse racing but very tiring.

  • Thoroughbred horse racing

It is considered as the most famous form of arcing in the world. Typically, this governed by the Jockey Club.

Aside from horse racing, horse show is now hitting the world of fun and adventures. Horse shows are apprehended all-over the world with different events, attire, equipment. This show is typically judged with authentic standard.

Health concerns

Despite of several health risks of horse activities, there are still people who are badly interested to develop horse riding skill. The common injuries are mainly caused by falling from the horse during those several activities. This incident leads to the different severe injuries including the following:

  • Head injuries
  • Leg fracture
  • Chest injury
  • Abdominal conflicts

In some cases, the cause of injuries is horse kicking that result to skull fractures and traumatic internal organs.

Evaluation of horse sports

It can no longer be denied that there is already increase to the number of interested individuals to be a professional Equestrianism. However, issues also arouse against the continuous development of horse sports. There are animal rights organizations that keep on criticizing the nature of horseback riding sports. They strongly emphasized that the sports are obviously a form of cruelty to animals. Though they are not directly maltreated, the way it is trained and ridden are quite abusive for the horses.

It seems that horse racing is a well-known sport of a professional and skilled in the field of Equestrianism, which is executed around the world. Specifically, it is manifested in a form of gambling which make it more attractive to the gamblers and other people who want to earn extra money. This sport was reported before as one of the most intensifying sports due to the involvement of money. It was found out that some of the horses are engaged into taking drugs during training wherein these drugs make the horse wilder and fiercer. It might be a good idea to win the game but it is not recommended by the animal welfare groups because it may result to the horse’s injuries and even loss of life.

Based on the reported information of Animal welfare and rights groups, there are about 375 racehorses die every year because of the careless practise of Equestrianism. This is the incident that triggers these organizations to fight against the legality of Equestrianism.

The opportunity to be a competent and popular in the field of Equestrianism is easier when dedication, determination and hard-work go together. However, as horseback rider it is your responsibility to take care of your horse. They might be animals but they have also life that needs security against diseases and injuries. Equestrianism is fun and unique activity that requires both your cognitive, innate skills and good character.